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Proposed CC&Rs Amendment, Section 5.3

Section 5.3 of the current CC&Rs makes provision for Special Assessments for Repairs, Operations, or Maintenance, requiring special approval by the Members, by a simple majority vote of a quorum of Members present at a meeting called for that purpose.

In recent years, we've seen this provision expanded well beyond the scope of just "Repairs, Operations, or Maintenance," as stated in Section 5.3, to now include what some would consider "Special Projects."

These Special Assessments are in addition to Regular Periodic Assessments, and depending on the size of the project, the costs may be significant.

Because of this very real potential for significant additional costs, many of us believe the criteria for approval of Special Assessments should be changed from a simple majority vote to a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote.

This is not an indictment of any HOA Board members, past or present. It has been my longstanding belief that our Boards are (and have been) made up of well-meaning volunteers, acting in our overall best interest and deserving of our gratitude.

I am proudly joined by several of our neighbors who share this same sentiment, and I look forward to discussing any comments or concerns.