ACC Members, term is 1 year: May 29, 2021 – June 2022 Annual Meeting

Ralph Van Paepeghem (BOD Chair)
Les Casey
Dale Bentley
Bob Seal

Establishment and Purpose of the ACC as defined by Section 7 of the CCRs:

In order to protect the quality and value of the homes built in the Development and for the continued protection of the Members thereof, an Architectural Control Committee (ACC) is established consisting of a Board Member serving as Chairman and a minimum of two Members to be elected by the Members.

What Requires ACC Approval?

Any building, residence, or outbuildings of any type that requires a Boise County Building permit or any storage shed of 150 gross square feet or greater requires ACC approval. Additionally, any modification of a structure that requires a Boise County Building permit or that significantly alters the original appearance of the residence or outbuilding, regardless of the requirement for a Boise County permit must also be approved by the ACC.

What is the Approval Process?

In order to provide for a comprehensive and timely review of any construction projects that meet the requirements of Section 7 of the CCRs, the following process has been established. Completion of the ACC review and receipt of an ACC approval letter is currently required to obtain a Boise County Building Permit.

The ACC welcomes discussions with you as you plan your construction project. This can help to clarify issues and requirements and move your project toward approval. We recommend that you review Sections 2 and 7 of the CCRs to get a full understanding of the requirements.

The application process is fairly simple and straight-forward.

  • You must submit the MSHOA Acknowledgement of Owner Responsibility and Liability Associated with Construction form, signed with the title of the project, Lot number, and your contact information and signature.
  • You must submit all plans, data and building material samples noted in Section 7 of the CCRs.

To simplify this process, a MSHOA Construction Check List in included in the LIST OF FORMS at the end of this section. If followed, the check list will help to insure your application is complete and is in a format that can quickly be reviewed and ultimately approved. The check list is not a required document (you may choose to provide all the data necessary in another format) but the check list assists in the approval process, as do the specific construction plans, lot orientation and dimensions are the same as required by Boise County.

NOTE: Using other formats may result in more questions from the Committee and/or data omissions.

How Do I Submit My Packet?

In Person:You should submit your application package to either the Mountain Shadows Homeowners’ Association President or the ACC Chairperson. Since all Officers are volunteers, please call, email, or otherwise arrange a time to present your packet. You can use the Contact Us feature on the website to reach the indicated person.


By Mail: If it is impractical for you to hand deliver the packet, you can mail it to the ACC Chairperson by way of the following address:

MSHOA, Attention ACC, PO Box 805, Garden Valley, ID 83622

NOTE: If you mail your application, you can expect the ACC Chairperson to send an email confirmation once the application has been received. If you do not get an email within a few days, please contact the ACC Chairperson so that we can try to locate your application packet.
What Happens Next?

Your application will receive a preliminary review to ensure that it is complete. If something is missing, you will be notified within seven (7) days, allowing you to submit any missing information.

The ACC will then meet to review your application. You will be invited to attend this meeting. Past experience has shown that submitting the Check List with your application has minimized the number of questions or concerns that come up in discussion.

Within the thirty (30) day timeline, you will get notification of the ACC’s decision on your plans. This will be either the approval of your plans or written directions as to what must be changed. When approved, you will receive a formal notification by mail. This notification must be taken with you to the Boise County Planning and Zoning in order to get your building permit.

Anything Else???

Remember, in the event of a situation arising during construction that will result in a change to the structure from what was submitted and approved, notify the ACC immediately and request an in-progress review and approval.

Building your dream home can be a wonderful experience or a stressful one. We hope this information has been helpful and will make your building project easier. Please remember that your contractors will be working within a residential community. We ask that you review the MSHOA Rules of Conduct for Contractors form that lists the rules and behaviors that we expect from contractors and others working on your project. It is highly recommended that a copy of this form be given to the contractors, subcontractors, and others working on your project.

AND FINALLY: To request a water meter; please contact us by filling out the form on the CONTACT US tab on the Mountain Shadows webpage.

ACC Documents & Forms

MSHOA Acknowledgement of Owner Responsibility and Liability Associated with Construction

MSHOA Home Construction Checklist

MSHOA Rules of Conduct For Contractors

MSHOA Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CCRs)