This website is designed and provided to convey useful information to current and future owners of Mountain Shadows property by way of TABS at the top of this page.  Let this site serve as your primary resource for:

* Tracking work done by the HOA Board of Directors.
* View or print important documents like the CC&R’s, By-Laws, architectural review processes and more.
* Volunteer opportunities that support our community and minimize negative financial impact on our HOA operational expenses can also be reviewed here.
* Last, we welcome input to improve the effectiveness, usefulness and quality of this website, please do not hesitate to submit ideas.

Water Outage & Emergency Hotline: 208-598-8446

Call this number to report a water outage once you have confirmed the issue resides outside your property past the connection at the street. Please leave your address and lot number, name and contact information along with date and time of call.

Click Here to download a flow chart for more detailed information on reporting water outages.

Please be mindful of water conservation efforts and water only during the early morning or late evening hours.


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